Friday, February 23, 2007

New Site

Well, the new site is up. It's mostly complete. It's Update your bookmarks and your sitefeeds. This will stay up but will no longer be updated, you need to check the dotcom!

M i s c .

This post is misc. I hope you enjoy.

First: A Ween tune: Flutes of Chi off White Pepper.. more serious than the Ween I'm accustomed to but still wildly enjoyable. mp2.. ha! i jest.. its mp3

Two: Another Marnie Stern, I've heard the entire album wholeness now and I do say it rocks. My B+.5 was, not surprisingly, a quite accurate grade. Also, you may note that In Advance of the Broken Arm was reviewed on Pitchfork today, it got a 7.7 and is Recommended! Absorb Those Numbers mp3

Thirdly: Greatest song ever? Firecracker Firecracker by Half Japanese. mp3

Also, I apologize for not posting yesterday. I know it just breaks your heart.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Marnie Stern - In Advance of the Broken Arm

Marnie Stern, according to Stylus, is a "shredder," and aw shit I totally agree. Her new album, In Advance of the Broken Arm, was released. . . yesterday! Holy relevance, Batman! At any rate, this music is a jumbled mess; a beautifully jumbled mess. Ms. Stern cites: Deerhoof, Animal Collective, Hella, and Yoko Ono, among others, as influences; if you cannot hear at least one of these influences, then you have no indie cred whatsoever, and there is no excuse for that. I recommend a healthy dose of Beefheart, see my "review" of His Magic Band in the archives.

Also, she has a distinctive voice! Check it out. I haven't heard the entire album wholeness yet, gasp. And I therefore do not feel comfortable giving this album a number; such a precise measurement should be left for when I have heard the entire album wholeness. Why Matt, do you not just wait until you have heard the entire album wholeness? Because, my dear readers, I don't wanna. You're in luck though, because I do feel comfortable giving this album a B+.5, that's a B+ and a half, not quite A-. Of course, this rating is in no way official; it is subject to change, it is pretty accurate of my feelings. For real I say dig this stuff fast and bulbous. Out.

uh mp3 for you're listen: Put All Your Eggs in One Basket and Then Watch That Basket!!! mp3

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Tom Waits and Iggy Pop : Coffee and Cigarettes : Check it out

Monday, February 19, 2007

A Whole New Format!!!

Here’s the story. I’ve been doing some thinking. I’ve been walking back and forth, you know; pacing. And, I’ve been thinking about what to do with this site. How to make it useful; assuming of course that is what you want, if in fact you exist. See, I guess that’s my problem; I need to know what you, my audience (assuming you exist), want. Do you want random news which you can get anywhere? Do you want my music induced reviews, if they can even be called reviews, which never ever make sense? Do you want a pleasant mix of the two with semi-useless posts like this thrown in the mix? Hmm. I’m going to go ahead and throw a whole new format at you. A whole new format, less review based, if you can even call them that, but still a site which vehemently reflects my insanely developed taste in music. Don’t worry, I still have a better taste in music than you and I’m still going to let you know, I’ll probably even go to greater lengths to make it painfully obvious. Out.

chk chk chk

Matt! What on Earth is going on!? Oh boy, I guess I have a lot of explaining to do. No new site today, everything is taking just a little longer than expected! Oh, I do apologize. Look out for the new site in the coming days.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Oh yea...

Oh yea... I forgot the cool and stuff. Since I like you guys... here's some mp3s and videos and stuff! But really just mp3s.

Ween - Mutilated Lips mp3
uh... what the expletive is he talking about. and also, how come i haven't heard about these guys before. check it out, kinda sounds like drugs? i think they may have been on them. sshh...

Arcade Fire - Black Waves/Bad Vibrations mp3
from the leaked neon bible. its arcade fire, its not as good as funeral, but i like it.

Daniel Johnston - True Love Will Find You In The End mp3
one of my favorite singer/songwriters. so good. so so good. if you can get past the voice, which i find endearing, and to the lyrics then you will understand.

Nouvelle Vague - I Melt With You mp3
chilled out bossa nova covers of those lovely 80's pop masterpieces. what's not to love?

Barbara Carlotti - Tunis mp3
french. 4ad. singer/songwriter. good.

Freya Hollick - Leviathan Lane mp3
singer/songwriter from australia. folking good. ha ha ha.